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ACON Sexperts Get Their Pilot Wings

10 June 2011


NSW’s leading gay health agency has created a team of frontline ‘sexperts’ to help fight HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs).

ACON (formerly the AIDS Council of NSW) has launched a pilot program called The Sexperts which involves a group of specially trained volunteers visiting gay sex on premises venues (SOPVs) to discuss sexual health matters with venue patrons.

The program will be trialed at Sydney City Steam at 357 Sussex St for three days a week over the next ten weeks.

Two Sexperts will be stationed in the lounge area of the venue and will be available for consultations in a private setting.

They will provide information about safe sex and sexual health, and will be able to refer patrons to the services of ACON or other healthcare services if necessary.

If successful, the program will be expanded with teams of Sexperts visiting other SOPVs throughout Sydney.   

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says the program provides a unique channel to deliver important health and wellbeing information to gay men.

“Helping gay men understand how to look after themselves and their sexual partners is the key to reducing HIV transmission in our community.” Mr Parkhill says.

“We already use a wide variety of channels to distribute information to gay men and our new Sexperts initiative adds another valuable tool to the kit.”

“By providing this kind of service, we’ll be able to help some gay men access information about safe sex and sexual health in an environment that feels comfortable for them.”               

“It’s important to note that while our Sexperts are trained to answer all sorts of questions about sex and sexual health, they are not doctors or counsellors and are unable provide medical advice. However, they can provide referrals to appropriate services.”

The Sexperts will be available for consultations at Sydney City Steam on the following days until the end of August:

  • Fridays        12pm – 2pm
  • Saturdays    9pm – 12am
  • Sunday        4pm – 7pm



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