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ACON Responds to Allegations

14 October 2013

ACON Responds to Allegations

Recently a series of claims have been made by a few individuals about the response to HIV/AIDS in NSW and, in particular, the programs, services and organisational management of ACON.

ACON welcomes feedback from all members of our community and is committed to improving our programs, services and management in response to valid and constructive criticism. However, it is troubling to receive criticism of our work and workplaces that is based on information that has been misrepresented, misquoted or used out of context. These claims are without any substance and many have resurfaced several times over recent years. Every time they raised, they are quickly disproved by facts and evidence which are readily available and easily accessible.  

Furthermore, ACON’s organisational management is open and transparent. Our financial records are audited annually by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, one of the world’s most respected auditing firms, and no financial irregularities have ever been identified. We also undertake an exhaustive acquittals process with all our funders and report to our membership regularly on relevant financial and operational matters. 

ACON has put forward numerous invitations to the most vocal of these critics to meet with our senior management to discuss his concerns. However, this particular complainant refuses to meet with any ACON staff or Board members.

ACON has prepared the following briefing papers which respond to the claims made by these individuals.

1) ACON Financial Management Fact Sheet
2) ACON HIV Prevention Fact Sheet




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