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Tantalizing Trivia II

To mark AIDS Awareness Week, ACON Northern Rivers is presenting a fantastic fundraising night of fun, brain challenges and joyous interaction.


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TAXI (Thinking About eXposure to Infection) Study

The TAXI-KAB Study is designed to measure the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs (KAB) of gay men in Australia when they Think About eXposure to Infection (TAXI) to HIV.


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Kaleidoscope Social Dance Red Party #2 For World AIDS Day

Kaleidoscope Social Dance presents their World AIDS Day event - Red Party #2. Hosted by Sandy Bottom, Melicious D'Amage and Crystal Clear with an array of special guests including drag kings and queens, live singers, J&L Dancing Girls and much more.


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Know The Risk Launch

A new HIV prevention campaign is aiming to increase gay men's knowledge about the degrees of risk involved in not using condoms when they're having sex.


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ACON Backs Call For Improved National HIV Response

ACON (formerly the AIDS Council of NSW) is supporting a call from the Australian HIV sector for the Federal and state governments to help facilitate new HIV prevention initiatives following the release of data confirming an increase in the national HIV transmission rate during 2011.


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Factors That Contribute To The Resilience Of Gay Men, Lesbians, And Bisexuals

The experiences, for some, of those who identify as non-heterosexual can be marked with tremendous stress and negativity. For example, sexually diverse individuals are often subjected to harassment, victimisation, violence and discrimination solely based upon their sexual orientation.


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