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NSW's Mental Health Month: 'Celebrate, Connect, Grow'

To celebrate the Mental Health Association of NSW's Mental Health Month ACON's Peace of Mind project events schedule for the month of October 2012. This year's theme is 'Celebrate, Connect, Grow'.


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Gonorrhoea Is Rocketing - Get Tested Now

NSW Sexually Transmissible Infections in Gay Men Action (STIGMA) Committee Chair and ACON Director HIV/Sexual Health, Geoff Honnor announced today that gonorrhoea notifications attributed to sex between men have been climbing steeply for some time and are now at a six year high.


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HIV Test results while you wait? YES!

As part of the Sydney Rapid HIV Testing Study, rapid HIV testing is now available to gay and bisexual men attending four sexual health clinics in Sydney.


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World AIDS Day 2011

Red Ribbon World AIDS Day Grants

The NSW World AIDS Day project, through funding from NSW Health, is offering grants for World AIDS Day of up to $500* to run an event on the week leading up to and including the internationally recognised World AIDS Day on Saturday 1 December 2012.


Posted Wed, 05/09/2012 - 11:40am by admin.


Chronic Disease Dental Scheme Closure

The closure of the chronic disease dental scheme has just been announced. This covered all people with HIV. The replacement scheme covers children and all people on low income but the public services to meet the increased demand by and large do not yet exist.


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HIV Organisations Welcome New Legal Defence For Non-Disclosure Of HIV

People with HIV in NSW who don't disclose their HIV status to sexual partners are now able to defend themselves against penalties for breaches of public health law if they can demonstrate they took ‘reasonable precautions' to prevent passing on the virus.


Posted Fri, 31/08/2012 - 1:08pm by admin.


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