What Is Home-Based Care?

CSN DVD Launch 2008.

The CSN team at the DVD Launch in 2008.


Through our Community Support Network (CSN), we provide practical assistance to help people with HIV/AIDS to live as independently as possible in their own homes.


We offer support with:

  • Basic cleaning
  • Grocery shopiiing
  • Doing the laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Light gardening
  • Transport to and from medical appointments

All CSN services are FREE and are provided by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers.


CSN history

CSN began in 1984 when a group of friends organised a roster to care for a friend dying at home. CSN soon affiliated with ACON which enabled funding to employ staff to coordinate the ever growing demand on volunteer services. Since then, CSN has grown into a large network of volunteers providing care on a regular basis. CSN is now a project of ACON.


What we believe

People with HIV/AIDS are capable of living empowered and independent lives. Even when experiencing chronic or serious illness, many people with HIV/AIDS desire to have power over their own decisions and to undertake life tasks for themselves. Our goal is to assist people living with HIV/AIDS to live independent lives within the community.

  • We work within a health promotion framework, seeking to support our clients to test and re-test their abilities to undertake tasks for themselves, in accord with their stated desires
  • We recognise that for many people, their state of health and energy can fluctuate and along with that their levels of independence and need and therefore offer flexible services which adapt to peoples' changing states of health.
  • We acknowledge that some people with HIV/AIDS may have little access to family or friendship networks to provide social and practical support and  therefore acknowledge that CSN carers provide a valuable support role and sense of family and friendship for people with HIV/AIDS.


More info

Contact: ACON’s Community Support Network

Tel: (02) 9206 2031
Free Call: 1800 063 060
Hearing Impaired: (02) 9283 2088

Email: csn@acon.org.au