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Sexuality, Drug Use + Mental Health

Sexuality, Drug Use + Mental Health

Participation for this project is now over.

Same-sex attracted youth appear to have higher rates of drug and alcohol use and of several mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety, than their heterosexual peers.

The National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre of the University of New South Wales (NDARC) are currently seeking males between the ages of 18 and 25 to complete a survey regarding substance use, mental health and sexuality in the hope of learning more about how these factors interact and impact on people's lives with the goal of improving services to those experiencing any difficulties.

You don't have to have used drugs or experienced mental health difficulties or issues with sexuality to participate. Just be male, aged 18-25 and live in Sydney or Coffs Harbour, NSW.

What does the survey involve?

  • No names - confidentiality is assured
  • Time? Up to about 30 minutes

This research is being conducted through the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre of the University of New South Wales.


More info

Contact: Simon Beck



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