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About Safe Place

The Safe Place Program was launched in 1991 as a Gay and Lesbian community response to street-based homophobic violence, it was part of the then Whistle Project.

Safe Places provided refuge for victims of street-based homophobic violence during a time where mobile phones weren't around and physical violence was a daily occurrence for gays and lesbians in NSW.

Since 1991, street-based violence motivated by prejudice has significantly reduced. The most common reports to ACON's Anti-Violence Project (AVP) now relate to harassment from neighbours, domestic violence and street-based verbal harassment, therefore, whilst the original objective of Safe Place is out-dated it does provide an opportunity for the AVP to positively engage with LGBTI communities at a local level.

Though reports have greatly reduced, physical assault against our communities is certainly still a reality across NSW. Safe Places create a sense of safety, connection and inclusivity to LGBTI communities.

It is more likely that LGBTI people will feel more comfortable and safe in an area that publically demonstrates support.

Safe Places include services, shops, cafés, and other businesses which are welcoming, supportive and actively engaged with the LGBTI community.

It's a big rainbow these days and this program is all about inclusivity and celebration.

Safe Place members:

  • Welcome sexuality, gender diverse, and intersex people
  • Publically demonstrate support for LGBTI communities
  • Actively promote a prejudice and discrimination free space

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Find an LGBTI Safe Place

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Safe Place Charter

All Safe Places receive a charter that must be publicly displayed. This charter is a set of principles that underpin the entire program and form the basis of the application process each Safe Place candidate completes.

The Safe Place Charter can be found here - LGBTI Safe Place Charter (PDF 397KB)

To become a Safe Place, an application is completed. The application is simple but we created it to make sure that Safe Places are committed to being welcoming and safe to all in the LGBTI communities.

The AVP supports those organisations needing help to improve.

A Safe Place sticker, Safe Place Charter, and relevant ACON information is displayed to identify the Safe Place as being part of and engaged with LGBTI communities. Safe Places have the option to be part of an online map as well.

Each Safe Place is audited annually.

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Want to be an LGBTI Safe Place?

If your business or service is interested in participating in the Safe Place Program, you can complete the Safe Place Application Checklist

Once you have applied to become a Safe Place, ACON's Anti-Violence Project will review your application and make contact.

The new Safe Place logo was designed by David Fleming as part of a community competition.

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More info

Contact: Teddy Cook at ACON's Anti-Violence Project
(02) 9206 2030
Free call:
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