Western Sydney

We’re here to help LGBTQ people and people with HIV in Western Sydney take control of their health by providing a range of local services and supporting a variety of local community groups.

Our Work in Western Sydney

We’re here to help LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV in Western Sydney create opportunities to live their healthiest lives.

Our values of community, collaboration, equity, inclusion and compassion guide us as we support LGBTQ+ networks, as we encourage research into the lives of our community in Western Sydney and as we create spaces of inclusion and events.

Western Sydney Research


The report Home is Where Our Story Begins: Family, community and belonging for sexuality and gender diverse CALD people, is a collaborative research project between the NSW LGBTIQ Domestic & Family Violence Interagency, ACON, and Western Sydney University, which explores the experiences of LGBTQ people in CALD communities in Greater Western Sydney following the same-sex marriage vote in 2017.

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This scoping research, conducted in 2019-2020, was a collaboration between Sexualities and Genders Research (SaGR) in the Diversity and Human Rights Research Centre at Western Sydney University and ACON. The research involved an exploration of the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people, of the issues they encounter in relation to access to services in the region, and of best practice service provision to sexuality and gender diverse communities in Greater Western Sydney.

The objectives of the research were to:

  • understand how best to build capacity in sexuality and gender diverse communities in Greater Western Sydney;
  • to foster safety and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in the region;
  • to enhance service provision to these communities; and
  • ultimately to improve LGBTQ+ community members’ overall wellbeing.

The research participants included LGBTQ+ community leaders and members as well as key service providers from relevant organisations in Greater Western Sydney.

The report presents findings and recommendations that support medium to long-term advocacy, funding, research and program development opportunities to improve the health of sexuality and gender diverse people living in Greater Western Sydney.

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For more information contact info@acon.org.au


We’re Family Too (2012) is a ground-breaking report that documents the effects of homophobia on same-sex attracted (SSA) people from Arabic-speaking backgrounds in NSW, while also drawing attention to racism and stereotyping within NSW’s LGBT community.

The report also examines how SSA people from Arabic-speaking backgrounds in NSW provide support for each other, and it notes a range of initiatives that can address the effects of homophobia and racism in our communities.

We thank all the respondents and contributors for participating in this valuable and pioneering research.

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Inclusive Community Networks

There are several LGBTQ+ networks across Greater Western Sydney that you can tap into for support and information.

Check out the list of networks here

  • Parramatta Queer Forum (PQF) The Parramatta Queer Forum meets once a month with residents and service providers to help build capacity, visibility and create events for queer people in the Parramatta Municipality and surrounds.
  • ICN Bankstown – The network is a forum for service providers, organisations and interested individuals who meet and discuss issues affecting marginalised groups, especially LGBTQ+ communities in South Western Sydney. The group discusses organisational issues that affect marginalised communities such and identifies improvements that can be made.
  • Western Sydney Rainbow Connection (WSRC) Penrith/ Blacktown – LGBTQ+ network in Penrith – servicing the Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney LHDs.
  • Macarthur Wingecarribee – This network brings together services that provide support for young people who identify as LGBTIQA+ in the Macarthur area to build capacity and collaborate.
  • Fairfield Liverpool Inclusive Network – FLLIN is an inclusive network that brings together service providers that work with gender and/or sexually diverse people within the Fairfield and Liverpool areas.
  • Western Sydney University Queer Spaces exist in all the university campuses across Western Sydney. Find out more here.

Greater Western Sydney LGBTQ+ Leadership Network

The Network is for LGBTQ+ community members (not service providers) involved with organising LGBTQ+ community activities, groups and events in Greater Western Sydney. Our goal is to build local LGBTQ+ leadership and foster ongoing community action in Greater Western Sydney.

Where possible we hold face-to-face meetings in locations across GWS. Meet like-minded people, share experiences, challenges and participate in relevant training and seminars provided by ACON and group members.

Want to join our network? Go to the Inclusive Communities website where you will find more info and registration form.

Greater Western Sydney Training and Sector Development

ACON provides a variety of training and sector development activities in Greater Western Sydney. We aim to support local service providers to include LGBTQ+ communities and develop culturally specific services. Visit the Inclusive Communities website where you will find a listing of training and other activities.