People with Disability


NDIS Guide for LGBTQ+ People

Your NDIS Journey

Is the NDIS Right for You?

Person with green hair and glasses, sitting in front of a wall and reading a book.

Your NDIS Application

Man with short bleached hair and a check shirt sitting in front of a dressing table mirror.

Your NDIS Application was Successful – What Next?

Two women wearing hoodies and trousers sitting on a sofa with moving boxes in the background.

Your NDIS Application was Unsuccessful – What Next?

Man with short hair and goatee sitting on the crest of a hill. There is a safety flag and buildings in the background

Self Care, Facing Stress and Anxiety

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Family, Friends and Allies

friends and allies

Language Used

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Useful Links

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ACON would like to thank all the LGBTQ+ people with disability whose lived experiences have shaped this information.

A special thanks to those who shared their skills and experiences with us during the research and design phase, including our wonderful advisory group, and those who trusted us to share their experiences on film.

This toolkit  was produced by ACON with support of People with Disability Australia, funded by the National Disability Insurance Agency through the ILC grants scheme.

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