Orlando-sliderOur heavy hearts continue to break over the senseless loss of so many lives at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida over the weekend. ACON’s thoughts go out in unity and love to our family in America along with everyone around the world impacted by this horrific act of hate and terror.

Words truly fail to do the immense pain and anguish inflicted on our community any justice but if our community has learnt anything over the generations, it is that together we are stronger.

This is not a time for division or retaliation. This is a time for solidarity, partnership and love.

We are no strangers to violence, hatred, bigotry and death. We have endured the worst in humanity but we are still here.

We will always rise above.

In response to Orlando, ACON have counsellors on standby to help anyone experiencing difficulty coping with last weekend’s tragedy, and we encourage everyone to reach out and connect with friends, family and fellow community members.

More information about our counselling services can be found at:

With regards to current events involving our LGBTI communities in Australia in light of this horrific atrocity, ACON has specific concerns regarding the possibility of an upcoming plebiscite on marriage equality – concerns we have expressed previously.

The potential impact of airing hateful and negative commentary in a legitimised forum such as a public plebiscite will have serious and detrimental effects on the collective health and safety of our community.

Given the hate-inspired barbarism committed in Orlando, those concerns are now acute and very real.

ACON will be working with a range of stakeholders and allies to see what can be done to prevent any further unnecessary harm to our community.

Statement to be attributed to ACON CEO, Nicolas Parkhill

For more information please contact:
David Alexander, ACON Media and Communications Officer
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