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It shouldn’t take too much effort to get our community to talk about breasts.

We know that lesbian, bisexual, queer (LBQ) and other same-sex attracted women, as well as trans women and men, intersex people, and gender diverse people of all sexualities tend to have lower screening rates for cancer.

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in Australia, and about 15,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

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Anyone with breast tissue can get breast cancer

(hello: that is everyone).

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#TalkTouchTest is an ongoing breast health campaign for all LBQ women and for our broader LGBTI communities to increase awareness and encourage us to:

#Talk about breast and chest health with our community: start a conversation with our partners and families, our workmates and teammates and lovers and friends.

#Touch to get to know your body (or someone else’s!) and make breast checks and breast health a lifelong habit.

#Test by getting free mammograms (via BreastScreen NSW or through your GP) if you’re over 40, and if you’re between 50-74 get a mammogram every two years.

Anyone who is over 40 years old, regardless of gender identity or expression – and regardless of breast size or amount of breast tissue – is eligible for a free mammogram with BreastScreen NSW.

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Find your nearest BreastScreen service, or call to make a booking: 13 20 50

BreastScreen NSW resources are available online in 28 community languages.

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We know that our communities are amazing at taking care of each other and we’re celebrating that in a huge, ongoing series of photos that show how beautiful, diverse, loving and connected our communities are:

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Almost 200 people from the community have posed for us so far to help raise awareness about breast cancer and get the conversation started… We should pause to give a shout out to the women from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir, who – without hesitation – whipped off their tops and posed for us in a backstreet of Newtown, showing exemplary community spirit and a commitment to LGBTI health:

IMG_7144 Ext Choir SMALLIMG_7230 choir nude outside SMALL

We get better at taking care of our health the more we talk about it, the more we know, and the more we make health something that’s not just about us, but about our friends, lovers, partners and community. Having a conversation about breast health and care is an excellent way to start:


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We know that early detection of breast cancer saves lives, so making breast and chest checks a lifelong habit is incredibly important. Start now.

Find your “normal”

(your normal is not my normal)

Check your breasts once a month (they change during hormonal cycles, so set a reminder, download an app like this one, or get a friend or lover to text you each month):


Breast tissue (and everyone has breast tissue) changes with things like hormonal cycles and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in general, so if you’re on testosterone (even if you’ve had chest surgery), starting oestrogen, or on any kind of HRT, make sure you pay attention to your body as it changes.

If you find a change (here are some things to look out for via the adorably named resource KnowYourLemons) it’s important to go to your doctor straight away. Don’t be scared to go get any changes checked out. Even if you need to get a biopsy, most lumps or abnormalities are not cancer.

If you’re between 50-74, you need to be getting a mammogram every two years. Anyone who is over 40 years old is eligible for a free mammogram with BreastScreen NSW.

Search for your nearest BreastScreen service, or call to make a booking: 13 20 50

Self-checks and knowing your body (and your partner’s body, while you’re there) is excellent – but nothing beats a mammogram for early detection if you’re over 50.

If you’re worried or nervous, take one of your #breastfriends. That’s what we’re here for.

Knowing your body – what’s “normal” for you, what feels good, knowing when something has changed – is absolutely essential for pleasure, for safety and for health, so get touching! Know how your breasts look and feel and find your “normal”:

_DSC0679 two women SMALL_DSC0835 stella amie SMALL

We’re often so much better at taking care of others than we are of ourselves, and since we’re often already pretty familiar with our lover’s bodies… Sometimes no one knows your body like your partner.

So while you’re there…

_DSC2081 boxers small_DSC2242 al meg SMALL

Get your partner to check your breasts for you! You know your lover’s body, and your touch can turn a health check into something fun and joyful.

The cast of Starting From…Now! repurpose their on-screen love triangle to bring you this important health message:

_DSC0042 sfn SMALL_DSC0049 sfn SMALL_DSC0047 sfn small

Stay tuned for our video series on breast checks, checking each other out, and getting screened… #talktouchtest #breastfriends

We have lovely and unique sets of relationships in our community and we already take care of each other in so many ways – we have weird and wonderful networks of exes; close friends in our teams and clubs; chosen families and extended families and families we just met – so encourage each other to #touch:

_DSC1332 baseball SMALL_DSC1367 bats SMALL_DSC1911 boats SMALL_DSC2022 fight SMALL

Ah, the Choir again. Such commitment:

_DSC0926 Choir 1 SMALL_DSC0960 choir 2 SMALL


Not everyone in our community loves or feels connected to that part of their body, but your health still matters. Mark out just a few minutes a month to pay attention to your body:

You don’t have to love your body to take care of it.

Whether you bind them or love them, push them up or play them down, breast and chest health is important for all bodies.

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Thank you to all our beautiful community members, organisations and groups who have joined in to encourage us to #TalkTouchTest.

Want to get involved? Email to volunteer you, your friends, or your community team or group to be photographed for #TalkTouchTest


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If you’re over 40, you can get a FREE mammogram from BreastScreen NSW, and if you’re between 50-74 you need to get screened every two years to make sure we catch any changes early – mammograms are designed for early detection and can pick up changes that can’t be seen or felt (even by the most nimble and willing of fingers):

cherry vs pea copy SMALL

Mammograms can detect breast lumps the size of a pea – or even the size of a grain of rice – whereas self-exams tend to only pick up lumps the size of a cherry.

BreastScreen NSW info on screening for people between 40-49

Breast implants are not a barrier! BreastScreen NSW info for people with implants

BreastScreen NSW accessiblity and info for people with disabilities

teresa rae pointing SMALL_DSC1901 boats SMALL_DSC2184 titi small

It’s incredibly easy to book in a mammogram with BreastScreen and the screening process takes about 20 minutes.

Taking 20 minutes every two years can save your life, or the life of your lover, your partner, your friend.

Book now or call: 13 20 50



BreastScreen NSW estimates that 2000 women aged 50-74 in NSW might have breast cancer and don’t know it, because 400 000 women in that age group haven’t had a mammogram in the last two years it


So the Australian Human Rights Commission estimates that 11% of Australians are of diverse sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

Using that statistic and the power of maths, we worked out that if 400 000 people in NSW are overdue for a mammogram…

That means there are 44,000 of you that need to get screened!



DOB 14 manda michelle SMALL

“It wasn’t that bad!” – Manda Hatter, President of Sydney Dykes on Bikes, on getting a mammogram at the Bike and Tattoo Show.

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ACON gratefully acknowledges the support of the Aurora Group and City of Sydney who each provided us with a small grant to help kick off the campaign.

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Studio photography by Mariana Pimenta with the support and love of SheShe TV studio. Starting From…Now! photography by Mariana Pimenta, with thanks to The Imperial Hotel Sydney.