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Want to help make a difference that will last forever? By volunteering for the Ending HIV Red Ribbon Appeal, you can help eliminate HIV transmission in NSW.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to help out with the annual Red Ribbon Street Appeal in the lead up to and on World AIDS Day (Dec 1).

Volunteers are needed in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Lismore, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour to sell ribbons and collect donations at selected locations.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says the event is the organisation’s most important fundraising activity for the year.

“The money we raise through the Ending HIV Red Ribbon Appeal is vital to the work of ACON as it helps us run programs and services that are essential to ending the HIV epidemic in NSW,” Mr Parkhill says.

“Thanks to recent advances in HIV treatments and testing technologies, we now have the ability to virtually eliminate HIV transmission in NSW by the end of the decade. But to realise this goal, we need to get people to test more, treat early and stay safe. And to do that, we need to expand our rapid testing service, increase education about the benefits of early treatment and get more gay men to practice safe sex.

“The more funds we have to support this work, the more effective our work will be. And the more volunteers we have on the street for World AIDS Day, the more funds we can raise. So please join us and help make HIV history by getting involved in the Ending HIV Red Ribbon Appeal.”

ACON is seeking volunteers to help sell Red Ribbon merchandise on Monday 30 November and Tuesday 1 December (World AIDS Day).

If you want to help sell ribbons on the street, all you have to do is donate a few hours of your time on either Monday 30 November or Tuesday 1 December. You can even get your friends and workmates involved and have a fun day out. And if you work in a large company, you can encourage all your colleagues to get involved through a community service initiative.

If you want to help sell ribbons in your workplace, we can deliver counter top boxes with red ribbons to your business premises. You can then encourage your colleagues and customers to purchase a ribbon in the lead up to and on World AIDS Day. Then after World AIDS Day, we come and pick up the box as well as the money you’ve raised. If you work in a large company, you can even ask your employer if they’ll match the funds you’ve raised through a community fundraising initiative.

To volunteer to sell ribbons on the street or in your workplace, please visit or contact your nearest ACON office:

  • ACON Sydney – (02) 9206 2000
  • ACON Hunter – (02) 4962 7700
  • ACON Northern Rivers – (02) 6622 1555
  • ACON Port Macquarie – (02) 6584 0943
  • ACON Coffs Harbour – (02) 6651 6017
  • ACON Southern NSW – (02) 9206 2113Media contact: Andrew Hamadanian, ACON Media and Communication Officer
    T: (02) 9206 2044 M: E: M: 0419 555 768

23-10-2015We Are Seeking Volunteers For The 2015 Ending HIV Red Ribbon Appeal