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Stimulant Health Check-Up

Regardless of how often or how much crystal you use health issues can arise. Seeing a GP or Specialist Clinic with experience in providing health checks specifically for people who use crystal or other stimulants can help you stay on top of your physical and mental health. Vist:

Find out about changes in crystal use in the community; how crystal use impacts HIV; the realities of what's being reported on in the media; what's being done to address these isues; effective harm reduction strategies and more. - See more at: out more...


Global Drug Survey 2015

Take part in Global Drug Survey 2015 at The survey was launched on 10 November 2015. Everything is anonymous and confidential. Please take the time to share what your experience anytime up until Dec 20th 2015. Find out more ...

 ACON Annual Report 2013/14

ACON’s 2013/14 Annual Report was released at the community health organisation’s annual general meeting on Thursday 30 October.

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AOD Training

FREE LGBTI Inclusivity Training For The AOD Sector

ACON is holding a FREE and relevant one day training for all workers in the Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) sector.

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New Research Project Focuses On Lesbian Health And Wellbeing

A ground breaking research project is set to explore the health and wellbeing of lesbians and same sex attracted women (SSAW) living in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven. The Labrys Project will look at the key health issues affecting lesbians and SSAW, as well as strategies to achieve better health outcomes. More info...