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Minister Launches New HIV Testing Centre and HIV Education Campaign

Minister Launches New HIV Testing Centre and HIV Education Campaign - See more at:

NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner today launched two new initiatives to reduce HIV transmission in NSW - the state's first permanent community operated HIV testing facility and a new campaign explaining how HIV treatment can help prevent HIV transmission. Find out more...



International Women’s day 2015

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill reflects on the many talented and amazing women in our communities. Find out more...



Periodic Survey

Join the VAC’s #approvePrEPdownunder campaign

ACON is inviting its supporters to join the Victorian AIDS Council's ‪#‎approvePrEPdownunder‬ campaign.  Find out more ....

Stimulant Health Check-Up

Regardless of how often or how much crystal you use health issues can arise. Seeing a GP or Specialist Clinic with experience in providing health checks specifically for people who use crystal or other stimulants can help you stay on top of your physical and mental health. Vist:

Find out about changes in crystal use in the community; how crystal use impacts HIV; the realities of what's being reported on in the media; what's being done to address these isues; effective harm reduction strategies and more. - See more at: out more...