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WATCH: PBS Regulatory Barriers Removed for HIV+ Australians

WATCH: ACON and medical practice Holdsworth House have teamed up to help promote a recent change to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) which affects people with HIV. The change means that today anyone in Australia with HIV who has a Medicare card can receive subsidised treatment through the PBS.


Posted Wed, 02/04/2014 - 12:28pm by admin.


LGBTI Community Organisations Welcome Moves To Expunge Historical Convictions

The NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL), ACON and the Inner City Legal Centre (ICLC) have today welcomed the announcement by the O'Farrell Government that they will introduce a Private Members Bill to establish a process enabling people convicted of consensual homosexual intercourse, prior to decriminalisation, to have their records expunged. The Bill will also enable people convicted under unequal age of consent laws, which were in place until 2003, to have their convictions removed.


Posted Thu, 27/03/2014 - 10:04am by admin.


Rainbow Seniors Get Ready For Some Afternoon Delight

Want to see what happens when hundreds of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) senior citizens get friendly in the dark? Then get along to a delightful afternoon that's set to put the silver back into the silver screen.


Posted Fri, 07/03/2014 - 3:35pm by admin.


New HIV Study Shows Treatment Delivers 'Zero' Risk of Transmission

HIV experts are hailing the results of a new study which shows that people with HIV who have an undetectable viral load as a result of antiretroviral treatment (ART) have a practically ‘zero' chance of passing on the virus to a sexual partner.


Posted Thu, 06/03/2014 - 1:54pm by admin.


ACON's 2014 Sydney Mardi Gras Photos!

Check out these photo galleries from just some of the ACON events at the 2014 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.


Posted Wed, 05/03/2014 - 2:21pm by admin.


WATCH: Community Champions Say 'Yes' To Test More

Community Champions from inside the creative, health, research and LGBTI communities, including Olympian Matthew Mitcham, invite you to help fight against HIV by testing at least twice a year.


Posted Thu, 20/02/2014 - 10:52am by admin.


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